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Travel Study Program

The Travel Study program provides opportunities for students to study a variety of topics and to gain new perspectives about the world, to immerse themselves in a particular subject of interest and to experience subjects in a way that cannot be attained in a traditional campus classroom environment.



Students must contact Professor Harold Mortimer at for special permission and scholarship information.


South Africa and Its Rich Heritage and Culture Travel Abroad opportunity


Course Overview:

This opportunity is open to Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre majors.  Students will learn of South Africa and its rich arts culture through daily course work at three South African Institutions.  Students will study SouthAfrican/African dance, learn & perform works by South African playwrights as well as musical theatre pieces indigenous to South Africa.  Students will also visit historical sites in the surrounding Pretoria and Johannesburg locales.


Student Cost For Three Week Trip to Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa:


  • OU Tuition and fees
  • Airfare - $2100 average
  • Meals - $200 (Kitchenettes are included with lodging for in house cooking)
  • Lodging (includes breakfast) - $1000
  • Theatre / Day Safari Trip - $120
  • Study Aborad Fee - $35
  • Frontier MEDEX (OU insurance for 12 days) - $13.80



Students will depart via a group international flight May 11 and depart South Africa on June 1.  Students will begin classes on May 13 and end coursework May 31.  Barring illness, students must attend all classes, evening work and cultural tours.



For more information or to enroll, contact
the Community and International Training and Development office at 325-5101.

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